Our Purpose

​​The purpose of the Friends of the Gladwyne Memorial Jewish Cemetery is:

1. To care for, maintain, restore,                manage, operate and secure the property  known as the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial  Cemetery, located in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania  on behalf of the owner of the Cemetery, Beth  David   Reform Congregation
2. To provide and maintain a suitable  religious burial ground for those persons  buried in the Cemetery;
3. To stimulate public awareness and  appreciation for the Cemetery as a historical  site and to solicit the participation of the  community in its maintenance and  preservation
4. To receive and administer funds for the  aforesaid purposes.


Stephen Anderer, z" l

Neil Sukonik, President

Marji Hendler, Vice President
Robert Friedman, Treasurer 


Jill Cooper

Ernest Dellheim

Steve Feder

Stephen Finkelman

Robert Gray
Rachael Griffith

Karen Kamens

Sam Rosen

Goals for 2018

1.  Advancing creation of an accessible on-line database of all burials and developing a detailed historical timeline for the Har Hasetim cemetery.

2.  Stabilizing the property, installing Greaves Lane site access, and completing one area into final condition as described in the Master Plan adopted in 2017.

3.  Expanding fundraising and volunteer development through programming, membership, grants and outreach initiatives.

View the cemetery from a whole new angle.  Thanks to new drone technology, we can now get a bird's-eye-view of the cemetery and its beautiful natural surroundings.

Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery is to ensure dignity for those interred at Har Hasetim and their families while honoring the historical, cultural and natural significance of the site. We will achieve our mission by working together with volunteers and with the support of community partners primarily through restoration and maintenance of the graves and natural features, sharing the story of the cemetery, and providing access to information about those interred at the site.


Har Hasetim