Har Hasetim

The Cemetery Traveler - by Ed Snyder

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Restoring Gladwyne, PA's Formerly Abandoned Jewish Cemetery

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Since its last burial in 1945, the cemetery has become overgrown.  We try our best to maintain it, and depend on volunteers to help.

The mission of the Friends of the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery is to ensure dignity for those interred at Har Hasetim and their families while honoring the historical, cultural and natural significance of the site. We will achieve our mission by working together with volunteers and with the support of community partners primarily through restoration and maintenance of the graves and natural features, sharing the story of the cemetery, and providing access to information about those interred at the site.

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We, the Friends of the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery, strive to protect the dignity of the interred and their families.


Notice of Annual General Meeting of Members

Pursuant to Section 2.3 of the Bylaws of the Friends of the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery (the "Corporation"), the Board of Trustees hereby gives notice that the annual general meeting of the members of the Corporation will take place as follows:

Type of Meeting:    
Annual General Meeting of Members
Date and Time of Meeting:    
Sunday, March 26, 2017, 11:00am  
Location of Meeting:     
Beth David Reform Congregation
    1130 Vaughan Lane
    Gladwyne, PA 19035

Agenda for the Meeting: 
1.    Report on the activities of the Corporation in 2016.
2.    Election of two (2) Community Trustees. 
3.    Proposal to adopt Amended and Restated By-Laws – see Attachments listed below.
4.    Discussion of planned activities for the Corporation for 2017. 
5.    Such other matters that may properly be brought before the Annual Meeting.

All Members of the Corporation are encouraged to attend the Meeting.   

After the Meeting, guided tours of the cemetery property will be conducted by
members of the Board of Trustees.

Our Board of Trustees has fixed the close of business on March 1, 2017 as the record date for determining the members entitled to notice of and to vote at the 2017 Meeting and any adjournment thereof.  Proxy voting will not be permitted at the Meeting but will be available in future years if the proposed Amended and Restated By-Laws are approved.  A majority of the Members on the Corporation’s records as of the record date set forth above are required to attend the Meeting, in person, to meet the quorum requirements of Pennsylvania law.  If a quorum is not achieved, the Meeting may be adjourned to another date, at which time the Members in attendance, even though less than the required quorum, will be able to convene the Meeting.  Approval of the Amended and Restated By-Laws requires the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members in attendance, in person, at the Meeting (or adjourned Meeting).  Each Member is entitled to one vote on all matters presented at the Meeting.
We look forward to seeing you on 
March 26, 2017.

By Order of the Board of Trustees,

Neil Sukonik
President, Board of Trustees
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

Date of Notice: February 23, 2017  

Attachments to Notice (click to view):
A.    Current By-Laws of the Corporation (including amendments previously adopted)
B.    Proposed Amended and Restated By-Laws of the Corporation
C.    Summary of Material Changes to the By-Laws

Sunday, March 26th, 11:00​AM

Please email Jill Cooper with any questions:


West Laurel Hil Cemetery:

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Our History

What is now preserved as the Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery, is 6 acres of Jewish burial societies that were in use from 1890 to 1945.